Jamaica is located south of Cuba and is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas. The island is located within the hurricane belt, so between June and November it’s advisable to avoid traveling here. Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and is located close to Florida. Before the 1959 Revolution, Cuba was a very popular vacation spot for […]

Getting from Jamaica to Cuba

Located east of Havana Harbor is the barrio or municipality of Guanabacoa. This once small colonial town has been absorbed into the urban Havana (Cuba). Some residents believe Guanabacoa, or “place of waters” is a bewitched town, but many believe it is just an old town with a rich history and classic Spanish-Cuban architecture.

Guanabacoa, Havana

Partagas Cigar Factory – An Historic Havana Cigar Factory Next time you’re in Havana, look right behind the Capitolio in Old Havana, and you will find the Partagas Cigar Factory, the oldest in Cuba. It is an impressive colonial building, four stories tall, with iron balconies, that was built in 1845. Don Jaime Partagas erected the factory, shortly after he […]

Partagas Cigar Factory

A trip to Havana, Cuba is not complete without visiting El Capitolio. At first sight El Capitolio appears to be a replica of the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. However, the capitol’s builder claims to have had the Pantheon in Paris in mind when the structure was designed. The building which was completed in 1929 was the tallest building […]

El Capitolio in Havana

El Gato Tuerto, Havana Cuba might be Havana’s best attempt at a genuine designer bar. After a 12-year hiatus, they broke the mold with modern furniture, sleek lines and clear-wood floors. This is one of the most stylish bars in the city of Havana. A young crowd, a beautiful wait staff and sexy ambiance all keep the doors opening at […]

El Gato Tuerto

Baseball and Cuba go together like a burger and home fries; something that has been known for years. Many of the Major League Baseball’s ‘star’ players are Cuban’s who grew up playing the game. However, to Cuban’s, baseball isn’t just a game. It isn’t the same game that the Yankee’s play. While the rules are the same, the passion is […]

The History of Baseball in Cuba

Once Fidel goes, Cuba will turn in to Little Miami. I’ve said those words time and time again. Well, while the borders between Cuba and the United States are still closed, that seems to be exactly what’s happening on the island. Investors from Canada and Europe have their eye on Cuba for new developments, with gated communities with luxury hotels, […]

Golf Resorts in Cuba