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St. Eustatius (Statia)

StatiaSt. Eustatius, colloquially known as Statia, is part of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. The island is home to a healthy reef system, miles of unspoilt rainforest, perfect for ecotourism, and more history than you can shake a stick at. St. Eustatius has changed hands 22 times over the course of the years, giving it a unique history.


Dutch is the official language of Statia, though Creole and English are widely spoken as well.


The Antillean Guilder is the official currency of Statia, but U.S. Dollars are widely accepted, as are major credit cards. To find out about the conversion rates, visit our currency converter.


Places are available for reasonable prices, in the $60 per night range, on up. These are local hotels, don’t look for a Marriott or a HoJo on the island.

Food and Drinks

Don’t drink the water. That being said, you can expect a variety of restaurants on the island, including Chinese, Italian, French, International, West Indian and American dishes.


Summer Carnival is the big event, usually taking place in late July to early August. November 16 is Statia-America Day, a holiday commemorating when Statia became the first foreign nation to recognize the Union Flag and America’s Independence. Not sure how big of a party that would be. Other than that, expect businesses to be closed for standard religious holidays, like those you would find elsewhere in the Christian world.

Getting There & Around

WinAir offers several daily flights from St. Maarten. The departure tax for international flights is US $12.

Several local rental car companies provide service on the island. Taxis are available as well.


The voltage ib St. Eustatius is 110 A.C. 60 cycles. Those of you using European appliances will need a converter.

Things to Do

Diving is great in Statia, with the dramatically formed ocean floor, teeming with wildlife. This small island is home to several protected national parks, providing travelers with excellent hiking opportunities near The Quill, an extinct volcano. You can visit the many historical sites located throughout the island. Beach goers may opt for another island. Statia is home to only three beaches, only one of which is suitable for swimming.