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Saut-Mathurine, Camp Perrin-Haiti

Haiti’s unique blend of French and African culture and its famous folk art attracts many tourists, yet one of Haiti’s most pleasing tourist attractions is a natural feature, Saut Mathurine waterfalls near Camp Perrin, Haiti. These waterfalls are the biggest in Haiti. Many consider St. Mathurine waterfalls one of the finest natural wonders in the Caribbean region.

Cascading out of the La Selle Mountains, Saut Mathurine is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. Around the falls and along the trail leading to the waterfalls, various varieties of flowers, birds, and plants add to the natural beauty and enjoyment of this area.

The falls, dropping around ninety feet and spreading over one hundred feet wide, are a roaring show of the power of water. The power of the water has created a perfect swimming hole. Most locals and travelers enjoy climbing to the brink of the falls and jumping into the pool of greenish-blue water.

What to Expect

The year around average temperature is between 23 degrees centigrade and 26.6 degrees centigrade. The rainy months are May, August, September and October. The average rainfall is forty inches a year. The driest months are November through March.

To be prepared bring a rain poncho or umbrella. Other items to bring to make the experience more pleasant would be good walking shoes, drinking water, bug spray, a camera, and last but not least, swimming suits to enjoy the refreshing water first hand on a hot day.

There is no admission fee.

How To Get There

To find Saut Mathurine, go to Les Cayes on the Southwestern peninsula. Les Cayes is on the southern coast. From Les Cayes, drive north to Camp Perrin. There is a road, wide enough for vehicles, from Camp Perrin to the waterfalls. Locals drive visitors up to the waterfalls for a fee.

From where vehicles park, it is a five minute walk to the stunning Saut Mathurine waterfalls. Another option is to rent horses and enjoy the scenery on the way to Saut Mathurine in a more natural and relaxing manner.