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The islands of the Caribbean Sea have been known as a resort vacation destination for long and have always attracted tourists wanting to escape colder climates or wanting to spend here their dream honeymoon. Finding your way in the vastness of islands is quite easy. Also, in the pages of WhyGo Caribbean we’ll make sure to give the information need to plan a safe and worry-free vacation in the Caribbean. You’ll find everything you need to know about getting to the Caribbean, where to stay and how to move between the islands.

Flights to the Caribbean : read about the airlines serving the islands in the Caribbean and learn how to find a cheap flight. There are also links to flights to all the major islands in the Caribbean, each page also containing details on which airlines serve that particular island and how to obtain the best price.

Hotels in the Caribbean : there are plenty of beautiful hotels on each of the major islands. Read about them and how to look for the perfect combination of location and price. There are also links to the major islands in the archipelago, each page containing useful information on the type of hotels and the prices.

Resorts in the Caribbean : there are resorts on the majority of big islands and many offer special packages. Read about what to expect during the low or high season and when it’s the best time to look for bargains. There are also links to the major islands, each page containing useful information about prices, types of resources and who they cater for.

Vacations in the Caribbean : if you need reasons to visit the Caribbean islands, this page will convince you. There are links to the major islands and on each page you’ll find information on the types of accommodation on the respective island and what activities can be done there.

Travel Insurance : we really don’t like to think of bad things when traveling but consider getting an insurance especially if you visit the area during the wet/hurricane season. Plus, on some islands there are active volcanoes which can make a vacation risky. It’s better to be protected than to be sorry!