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Pro Kids World Championship – Youth Freestyle 2008

WindsurfingThe Starboard Prokids World Championship – Youth Freestyle will take place in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles from July 27 to August 3, 2008. Bonaire, one of the premier windsurfing destinations on the planet, has hosted this particular event for the last 3 years. Last year, more than 130 kids competed in the event. Qualifiers will be held in various locations around the world, you can check the local listings.

Winners of the preliminary events will travel to the lovely island of Bonaire for the finals. Lucky kids. This year, the event will include slalom racing. With the addition of several new European venues for the qualifiers, the sponsors expect a greater expansion of the sport amongst the youth. According to the press release, “Many old school windsurfers are now parents and are now training side by side with their children who will be attending the freestyle and slalom events.” It’s a family affair.

Bonaire, as well as being an amazing windsurfing destination, is a great place to visit. Be sure to check out the donkey sanctuary and the hoards of flamingos that call the island home.

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