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Plan Now for Shoulder Season in the Caribbean

Mid-April to late May and from early September to mid-December is shoulder seasons in the Caribbean, a time when hotel prices drop up to 30%, crowds dissipate and the weather is pleasant, at least outside of the June to November hurricane season in the more northerly islands. For a safer bet during hurricane season, consider looking into islands that are further south and out of the path of most major storms.

Shoulder season travel is an excellent way to see the Caribbean. Airfare to the Caribbean is much less expensive than during the winter high season, when everyone from the north is clamoring to head down south for warmer weather. You’ll find the beaches much less crowded too, but you may miss out on a few days of sun and surf if they weather takes a turn for the worst. When booking any Caribbean trip during this time, it’s wise to take out a good travel insurance plan; if a hurricane does derail your trip, you’ll recoup your loses.

For a safer bet, check out islands out of the path of most storms. Southern islands like St. Lucia, and the island of Bermuda (which is actually about as far north as South Carolina) are generally unaffected by the hurricane season. Here you can enjoy shoulder season discounts at cheap hotels in Bermuda, without the worry of a holiday ruined by severe weather.

Photo by Stellas mom