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Places to go Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas

The crisp cool water of the Bahamas are renowned around the world for their beauty. Thousands of tourists flock to these islands every year to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the waves. Watersports are a wildly popular draw all throughout the island nation, including the relaxing and adventure filled sport of Sea Kayaking. There’s many different places to go in the Bahamas for kayaking, and lots of different outfitters ready to get you started on your trip, it can be hard to choose just the right one. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you.

The first question is, where would you like to go? The Bahamas has a variety of different islands and destination spots to visit, and it can be hard to pick just one or two for a trip. Each one has a unique beauty and flavor, and there are a huge number to choose from.

Some of the most popular kayaking spots include:

  • Exumas – 220 miles southeast of Miami, consists of 365 little cays and islands stretched over 90 miles of cool sea.
  • The Great Bahama Bank – due west of the Exumas is a vast section of ocean with nothing but sandy shoals and shallow waters, a great vast reflective surface to play on.
  • Bimini – the island closest to the United States is often called the “gateway to the Bahamas” and is a beautiful though small island that draws much of the American tourism.
  • San Salvador – one of the best diving and snorkling sites in the Bahamas, with hundreds of species of fish. One of the world’s livliest aquatic environments, with dozens of species of marine life unique to the islands.
  • Nassau – which is of course the capital of the Bahamas, and known not only for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, but for the popular sight-seeing and historic city center.
  • Eleuthera (Harbor Island) – which is often rated one of the best beaches in the entire Bahamas, with attractions all over the islands and multiple companies that offer single or multiple island tours.