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Old San Juan, What to Expect

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a small, old and Spanish city in the Caribbean, where many cruise ships dock. Whether tourists visit this quaint little village by cruise ship or airplane, they enjoy long walks overlooking the ocean as well as walking through narrow streets filled with boutiques and street vendors for shopping. Tourists also enjoy relaxing on the hot and sandy beaches by the ocean.

What to Do

The nightlife in San Juan is filled with dancing and casinos at clubs and hotels. Most tourists stay at either a hotel, motel, or a cruise ship. They can also take a taxi or a bus to their desired location. There are educational tours to visit Spanish historical sites and landmarks.

It is a fun place for all ages, from morning to night, because of its jovial environment in the streets, filled with street vendors selling clothes, jewelry and artwork while traditional Spanish music is being played in the background by small bands wearing traditional Spanish costumes.

But the restaurants tend to be pricey, and most tourists prefer to eat at fast food places, such as Pizza Hut, while other tourists return to their cruise ship because their breakfasts, lunches and dinners are already paid for as part of their trip.

Hotels are expensive as well, but travel agencies at your home town usually create a package deal that involves the flight and the hotel reservations.

What to Expect

This romantic Spanish city is a perfect place for lovers, where couples can be seen strolling the narrow old streets while holding hands and window-shopping as well as strolling by the ocean, checking out the street vendors and listening to the music.

The city is a very small, old, and romantic city, filled with culture, history and art. the people here are friendly and social As such, the environment they create is fun, happy, and relaxing. The one major drawback to visiting this city is that it can be pretty expensive, so be redy to fork over some cash if you want to visit.