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Montserrat Volcano Tours

Montserrat Volcano ToursMontserrat is the home of the Soufrière Hills volcano, which is one active geothermal hot spot. Volcano tours are an exciting way to spend a day in the islands. The volcano destroyed Plymouth, the abandoned capitol of Montserrat that is otherwise known as the Pompeii of the Caribbean, in 1997.

For those of you who are do-it-yourself-ers, you’ll find several facilities around the volcano made for viewing. A short distance from Plymouth is the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, the closest spot to the action. You can also view the volcano from Jack Boy Hill and Garibaldi Hill, though the second requires a four wheel drive or a difficult climb to get the views.

From Antigua, you can take a day trip to the Soufrière Hills on one of the following operators:

Carib World Travel
Phone: (268) 480 2999

Davis International Trading & Tours
Phone: (268) 770 5687 or (268) 562 5818

Jenny’s Tours
Phone: (268) 461 9361 or (268) 464 4188

Those of you on Montserrat can contact one of the following operators for a guided tour:

Avalon’s Taxi-Tours
Tel: (664) 491 3432
Cell: (664) 492 1565

Clifford “Shaw-Duck” Ryan, Tour Operator
Tel: (664) 492 1849

Eustace A. Dyer, Tour Operator
Tel: (664) 491 2721

Grant Tours
Tel: (664) 491 9654
Fax: (664) 491 4854
E-mail:, or

‘JIG’ Tours
Tel: (664) 491 2752 or 492 2752
Mobile: (664) 496 2752

Rose Willock
Tel: (664) 491 6652

Slym Tours & Taxi Service
Tel: (664) 491 4479

Several hotels on Montserrat offer volcano adventure packages. You can check with the following hotels:

Tropical Mansion Suites

Erindell Villa Guesthouse
Gingerbread Hill
Carib World Travel Emerald Connection
The Green Monkey Inn & Dive Shop

You can check Volcano Discovery for periodic updates on the activity of the volcano.