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Mi Casita, San Juan Restaurant Review

* Name: Mi Casita
* Location: Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Rico
* Open For: Lunch, Dinner
* Under Review: Dinner
* Price Range: Medium
* Fare: Puerto Rican/Island
* Full Bar: Yes
* Food Score (out of 10): 7
* Service Score (out of 10): 7
* Reservations: Yes
* BT Blog Recommends?: Yes
* Booking Information:

la plazoleta de isla verde
Isla Verde, PR 00913
(787) 791-1777

* Website: none
* Review: Mi Casita is a small restaurant in a strip mall, just down the street from the Embassy Suites in Isla Verde in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The restaurant specializes in Mofongo, which was lucky for me as that was my craving. It was nice and filling, but I’ve certainly had better. Mi Casita is a very casual dining establishment; wear whatever you like. Service is super fast and the food is pretty decent. The plantain concoction in my Shrimp Mofongo could have been better mashed, but the sauce was wonderful. I was a little disappointed that there were only 5 or 6 shrimp in the dish, with a price tag of about $15. My coworker feasted on a skirt steak dish with onions that was quite good. If you’re staying at the Embassy Suites or another nearby hotel, Mi Casita is a good place to sample the local flavors. Skip the Outback and the Burger King and try some real Puerto Rican food.