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Luxury Vacation in the Caribbean

Generally, I am a budget traveler. I use the public transport, I don’t fear buses and trains, I stay in hostels or budget hotels. However, there are special moments when I’d fancy staying in one of the world’s most expensive hotels .

Romantic escape? You bet! Honeymoon? Let me have it! There’s nothing more romantic then booking one of the luxury Caribbean vacation packages for the anniversary and getting spoiled for several days. Or you can choose to book a romantic cruise. Since the prices start at $189 per person for a 3 nights cruise in Bahamas, I’d say being pampered doesn’t come with such a steep price tag!

If you are after splashing in one of the amazing pools – yes, you can find one in St. Lucia – then the price tag will definitely be higher.

The Caribbean is an excellent destination year round. Some of the islands are located outside the hurricane belt, which means you don’t risk to get washed away during the hurricane season.

The peak season in the area runs from December until March, when the accommodation and flights fares are higher than during the rest of the year. Unless you manage to grab a good deal, you’ll have to rack up quite a lot of money for a luxury vacation here. However, once the peak season is over, prices go down but the weather is still nice. So, if you want to save some money, book your escape outside the peak or high season.

And remember: pack your swim suit, sun tan lotion and camera!