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Laguna Grande, Puerto Rico

The magnificent and picturesque island of Puerto Rico is a popular vacation site for countless tourists from all over the globe. Nestled comfortably and hidden in the extreme northeast tip of Puerto Rico is the pleasing and admirable Laguna Grande Bay. Reserved for the most discriminating vacationer, Laguna Grande Bay will embrace every facet of your senses from touch to taste with adventures of snorkeling, hiking, exquisite dining, or just the simple pleasure of sightseeing. At Laguna Grande, you will experience waterfalls of enjoyment and enormous relaxation near and a rainforest of breathtaking scenery!

What to Do

The Bioluminescent Tour is a captivating adventure that reveals the extraordinary microscopic sea creature called the Pyrodinium Bahamense that brings glorious life to the evening waves of the Laguna Grande Bay by producing a natural light spectrum when touched by human hands! For $80, an eco guide will take you on an incredible kayaking journey to experience this amazing 2 hour night adventure.

The Nature-Sun and Adventure Trio will bring you to the one and only refreshing U.S. rain forest, the “El Yunque” which is home of the Puerto Rican parrot. Imagine a romantic paradise of unbelievable waterfalls cascading from above you with surrounding aromatic flowers and shrubbery! This sensual tour will be one you can add to your reminiscent collection for $125!

Sun Capital – simple, refreshing, heavenly, and appropriately name! Attractively scattered coconuts resting under tropical palms is the perfect place for beach lovers who just want to enjoy simple treasures – $60.

The Rum Factory, $45; BioBay Tours from $60; Tropical Beach Dinners from $45, Camuy Caves, and many more adventures and attractions.

Where to Stay
A few popular hotels available near Laguna Beach Grande are:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Isla Verde Beach Resort
  • Courtyard Miramar in San Juan
  • Condado Plaza Hotel
  • El San Juan Hotel & Casino
  • Pierre Hotel & Gallery Plaza in San Juan

All of your room accommodations are 22 to 28 miles from Laguna Grande Bay and you can travel by Cataño Ferry or by kayak to bring additional enjoyment to your amazing Puerto Rican vacation.