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Ladies’ Fitness Cruise in Bahamas (2009)

Many busy women don’t even have time for themselves let alone to meet with their girlfriends and work out. This cruise is exactly what the energetic women need: exercise, relaxation, fun and time spent with their girlfriends.

During the cruise, the ladies will work out with four fitness instructors in classes such as pilates, yoga, strength training and many more. The swimming pool also offers a lot of opportunity for relaxation and having fun. Additionally, the ladies can scuba dive, snorkel or play with the dolphins.

The cruise sets sail from Jacksonville, Florida and heads to Bahamas on February 26, 2009. It’s the perfect period to start getting your body ready for the summer and this cruise will help you get in the groove when it comes to exercise.

The prices start at US$879 for an inside cabin and US$929 for an ocean view cabin and include four-night Bahamas cruise, airfare from Chicago’s O’Hare International airport to Jacksonville International Airport in Florida, airport transfers all meals on the ship (drinks additional), instructors’ classes, all taxes and fees, and a gift bag with a water bottle and logo t-shirt.

For the prices without airfare and other details please check Femme FITall’s website.