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Jasmine Spa and Wellness Holistic Health Centre

Jasmine Spa and Wellness Centre is located in the Cordillera Septentrional region of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. It is an 8 bed spa facility, with a wellness center. newest mind, body and soul get-away. Surrounded by 40 acres of flourishing rainforest and eight waterfalls, Jasmine Spa creates a peaceful getaway for those seeking a relaxing retreat.

At this gorgeous sanctuary, you will be offered: Spa Treatments, Healing Therapies, Day Spa services from a spa and massage menu. You will also have: a 3 horse stable for day horse back riding through the mountains, Fitball, Hiking, Meditation Merengue Classes, Yoga (1 hour), Bachata Dance Classes . The spa is near the Sosua Flea Market and beaches.

What To Expect

The spa is aimed at those looking to: relax, loose a few pounds, improve diet, or stop smoking. Technology devices, alcohol, and tobacco are not allowed at the Jasmine Spa and Wellness Centre. All of the Dominican, Indian, Italian, and Thai menus are prepared using natural ingredients grown on site. All of the spa products are made from natural ingredients. The spa and massage menu is extensive. A ten to twelve night stay is recommended; so that you can partake in all of the luxurious treatments, therapies, and activities. Of course, all outdoor activities are subject to the weather conditions. Like most tropical locations the area is subject to freak weather conditions, dry and wet seasons, and topical weather.

Hours of Operation

The Jasmine Spa and Wellness Centre is open year round. Activities and services are based on weather permitting. Keep in mind hurricane and cyclone season is June through to November.

Admission Cost

The daily rate for two people will be 99.00 per day, plus taxes, $ 26.00 gratuities, accommodation, airport pick up and delivery, customized meals, snacks, and hours of treatments for each day of stay. The cost of the day spa is $125.00 and includes taxes, gratuities, transportation, 1 1/2 hours of Massage/Spa Treatments, and a lunch. You must have reservations.

How To Get There

You will arrive at either Puerto Plata or Santiago – Dominican Republic- airport. The spa arranges transportation to and from the airport. It is about 25 minutes from airport to spa. Often, it is the actual owner that picks guest up from the airport. They ask to be notified 72 hours in advance, if travel plans change.

For more information call: 1.877.461.2004 or 1.829.970.5272 or Email directly at: