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Jamaica in December

Jamaica is best known for the reggae music but also as a lovely beach destination in the Caribbean. December brings excellent sunbathing weather but the prices start to go up. Plan in advance and you won’t break the bank to visit this lovely island.


December marks the start of the high season for those heading to Jamaica. It is one of the coolest and driest months of the year. It is perfect weather for sunbathing and rain might occur in the evening or early night.

Bring light clothes, preferably made from natural materials. You can get away in your swim suit top and shorts on the beach but if you want to check out the restaurants, bring something to cover you up (a tank top is a good idea and a sarong is always a good choice). Bring a pair of good water-tight walking shoes.

Sample temperatures

Kingston avg high 30C/87F ; avg low 23C/75F
Montego Bay avg high 28C/83F ; avg low 22C/73F
Negril avg 25C/77F

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Flights and Accommodation

The start of the high season means that the fares also start to go up. Make sure to book your flight to Jamaica ahead of time and if you manage to find a hotel & flight package, it’s even better.

Generally speaking, it’s best to start the search for both flights and accommodation the earliest possible and take advantage of the early booking discounts.

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Things to do

Aside from the good food , fine beaches , reggae music and rum, Jamaica has plenty of other things to offer. If you travel with the kids, don’t miss a swim with the dolphins…or the sharks.

Adventure seekers can try canopy tours, river kayaking, 4×4 off road safaris, river tubing, a beach horse ride or a buggy adventure. There are plenty of tour companies which handle such adventures. You just need to shop around.

Put on your walking shoes and explore the cities – Kingstown, Ocho Rios or Montego Bay – at your own pace. You need a map and you can also download walking tours for your iPod or other device. Or you can create your own tour.

If you like hiking, you can walk between the villages, go to remote areas or hike for three days in the Blue Mountains National Park.

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