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Jacques Cousteau Marine Reserve

Cousteau Marine ReserveThe Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve is a marine reserve located near the Caribbean town of Bouillante in Guadeloupe. If it’s good enough to be named after the Elvis Presley of underwater exploration, it’s clearly good enough for your next vacation.

The Cousteau Reserve encompasses the Pigeon Islands, comprised of three tiny islets in the middle of the reserve. The abundance of wildlife in the area is thanks to the natural hot springs flowing in to the waters, creating a warm haven for fish and wildlife.

The reserve is a great diving spot for everyone, as you can view the marine life by snorkeling, scuba diving, or cruising on a glass-bottom boat. Dives are available for anyone, from beginner to expert. The reserve encompasses several dive sites, including stunning marine life and several wrecks.

Guides can be hired for diving and snorkeling trips. Night dives are available.


Dives cost between €28 and €45 depending on your level. Students should keep an eye out for deals through organizations like ISIC. Glass bottom boat trips will set you back quite a bit less, in the $19 for a hour and a half range.

Contact the Reserve

Phone: +33 5 90 98 81 72