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Indepth Watersports – Cayman Islands

Indepth Watersports is an exciting underwater experience for diving lovers who visit the Cayman Islands. The facility offers many courses in diving, as well as safety tips and preparations for divers. An experienced crew operates the boat as well as the diving activity, allowing for a fun, safe trip. They also offer a chance to explore Cayman’s Sister Islands during the trip.

The boat is capable of handling 10 guests, and offers a comfortable setting for guests. They also offer refreshments such as bottled water, snacks, juice, and more. During the trip, guests will be able to scuba dive and snorkel. This offers the chance to explore the ocean depths near Cayman Islands, giving a refreshing view of life under the sea.

Customers will get a front row view of different sea creatures and plants, such as fish, reefs, and more. The islands are viewable from the boat, giving a dazzling view of the Cayman and outlying islands. Guests will be offered an exciting scene full of educational and fun facts.

Indepth Watersports also offers guidance in finding private accommodations on the island for a rewarding experience.

What To Expect

Weather in the Cayman islands is typically hot and humid. Sunscreen and protective eyewear such as sunglasses are suggested. Cooler clothing is also recommended, as well as preparations for stormy weather.

Hours Of Operation

The boat, Deja Vu, departs the island at 10am. Check-in time is 9:30am. Return times may vary due to various circumstances.

Admission Cost

There are various fees for Indepth Water Sports. A two tank trip is $150. Other fees include a snorkler for $35, Scuba discover for $125, Rental tanks for $10 to $12, for air and nitrox respectively. A nitrox course is $125, and an open water course is $475, $350 for referral. Rental gear is $10 per piece. Other activities and rental gear vary in cost. Fees are subject to change and may vary. All fees are counted in U.S. currency and change with currency.

How To Get There

Indepth Watersports is located on the southwestern shore of Cayman Brac.