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How about visiting Jamaica on your next vacation?

I must admit I’m not exactly the kind of gal to waste time on the beach with a cocktail in my hand. But I’m definitely hooked on Caribbean destinations which offer incredible night life and excellent choices for adventure.

That’s why a vacation in Jamaica is something which already has a place in my bucket list and I’m trying to find a way to get there…soon!

Thanks to its location in the Caribbean and its climate, the best time to visit Jamaica is between December and April. This is the dry season which also coincides with the high travel season. Hence, it’s the busiest time to visit Jamaica and the time when everything is more expensive.

Make sure to look for cheap flights to Jamaica ahead of time – and I’m talking two to three months before you plan to leave. The same applies for the Jamaica hotels .

There are big resorts on the island and with careful planning you might find some discounts but if you prefer to soak up the laid back atmosphere, it’s always better to look for smaller places, away from the hot tourist spots. If you plan to save a lot of money, plan your vacation during summer. It’s hotter and it might rain but you can save up to 50%.

So what can you do in Jamaica? A lot! Sail, tour the island, take a day trip, enjoy outdoor activities, shop, listen to music, dance the night away, soak up the sun, sightsee…and many more!

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