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Hotels in Puerto Rico

For the business travelers, the best hotels are located in San Juan. They are also rather close to the beaches and the nightlife so they can be a nice getaway for the youngsters looking for a fun vacation. The hotels in Old San Juan are excellent for a romantic getaway. Other hotels dot the beaches on the Caribbean coast, offering excellent opportunities to relax and have fun.

Climate and Tourist Season

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate, with the temperature averaging 67F/19C during the summer and 97F/36C during winter. In general, the island is sunny but during the rain season – July to November – tropical storms can hit it and the rain is quite often present.

The high season lasts between December and April, with the highest prices being during Christmas and New Year’s. The rainy season is the low tourist season but often resorts will offer special discounts during this period to attract tourists.

Worth trying

Horned Dorset Primavera, Rincon

The luxury hotel is perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway, whether they want to celebrate their honeymoon or an anniversary. Water sports, golf, tennis and horseback riding activities are available near-by the hotel. Also there are as many as 9 beaches to check out, all offering endless fun activities. During the winter season, the rates range between US$596 per night per couple in the Primavera Garden View Suite and US$1385 per night per couple in the Horned Dorset Suites. Rates don’t include the taxes.

El Convento Hotel, San Juan

This beautiful boutique hotel is located in Old San Juan. Luxury and comfortable, the hotel is excellent for business trips but also for small parties, such as a birthday or anniversary. All rooms have AC, TV, internet access, phone and fridge. The rates start at US$434.00 per night in a double standard room and US$505.00 per night in a double superior room.

Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan, Carolina

The hotel is located in the Isla Verde tourist district of San Juan, near the beaches and nightlife. Best suited for business travelers, it can also offer a nice experience for the youngsters looking to have fun. All rooms have fridge and microwave, while the hotel has a swimming pool and bar. The average yearly price is US$232 per night per room.