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Hotels in Montserrat

On an island which is still recovering after being hit by hurricanes and volcano eruptions, you won’t find any huge hotels. Instead, there are small boutique hotels and B&Bs which cater for any tourist and especially for those looking for a cheap vacation.

Climate and tourist season

The island’s climate is tropical, with little temperature variations from day to night and season to season, averaging 76F/24C to 88F/32C year round. The high season lasts between December and April. The low season is represented by the wet season – June to November – when hurricanes can occur. However, you won’t see the prices being different from season to season.

Worth trying

Tropical Mansion Suites

This small (18 rooms) boutique hotel offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. It’s located close to everything, no matter if you come to Montserrat for business or pleasure. The hotel offers a pool for its guests, as well as a restaurant. The guests can choose between standard and deluxe rooms. The average year-round price is US$119 per room per night.

Bunkum Beach Guest House

The B&B offers accommodation for backpackers, for those who are after luxury accommodation and for every other category in between. The B&B is located in Palm Loop area, right by the sea and close to pretty much everything. All rooms have kitchen, TV, and the hotel offers a swimming pool. The deluxe king room costs US$65 per night based on double occupancy and excluding taxes. The price is the same for the pool house double room, while the villa costs US$875 per week. The backpacker’s room costs US$45 per night based on double occupancy and excluding the taxes.

Erindell Villa Guest House

Hidden among tropical gardens and offering a lovely private pool, the guest house is the perfect place to spend your vacation in Montserrat. The complimentary service includes breakfast, snacks, fruit basket, tea, coffee, sodas and juices. The guest house is located close to the beach and you can practice a lot of activities such as swimming, snorkeling or play games with the locals (cricket is very popular here). The rates are US$75 per night based on single or double occupancy, excluding the taxes.