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Hotels in Guadeloupe

Since Guadeloupe in general is not exactly a place to find all-inclusive resorts, the best place to look for affordable accommodation is at hotels. And best of all, the hotels are located quite close to the beaches as well so you won’t have problems looking for places to have fun.

Climate and tourist season

With a tropical climate cooled by the trade winds (Les Alizes), Guadeloupe is blessed with stable temperature year round. The dry season lasts between December and May, being considered the high season. The wet season – June to November – is the low season when you can benefit from really good prices both for accommodation and airfare. However, rain showers can occur pretty much all year round but the sky clears up quite quickly so rain cannot exactly ruin your vacation. On the coastal regions, average temperatures range between 22C/72F and 30C/86F, year round.

Traditionally, Christmas and New Year’s are the busiest and most popular times to visit the islands

Worth trying

Amaudo Hotel, St. Francois

Facing the city and being surrounded by gardens, this small hotel is a nice, intimate place to spend a vacation. The pool offers excellent views of the surrounding areas and there’s a near-by resort which offers a lot of activities including a golf course. All rooms have AC, fridge and TV. During the high season – December to May – the prices are €128 per room with balcony.

Hotel Le Diwali, Ste. Anne

Bordering a lagoon and surrounded by islands, the hotel is a perfect retreat in the Caribbean. The tiny hotel has only 8 rooms, all decorated in Colonial style, with AC, TV and phone. The year-round price is €152 per night per room.

Habitation Grande Anse, Deshaies

The 3-star hotel is hidden behind a lush forest and is located at just 300 m from Grande Anse beach. The guests can choose between standard studio, large studio and apartment which can accommodated between 2 and 6 persons. All rooms have AC, kitchen, TV and phone. During the high season (Dec 22 – Jan 5 & Feb 16 – Mar 1) the prices range between €165 per night for 2 persons in the standard studio, €180 per night for 2 persons in the large studio and €290 per night for 2 persons in the apartment.