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Hotels in Dominica

HotelMost of the hotels and resorts on the island are located outside the cities, although cities also offer quite a lot of options. One thing is for sure though: all hotels offer stunning views and romantic atmosphere.

Climate and tourist season

Just like the entire Caribbean zone, Dominica has a tropical climate, with two seasons. The weather is moderated by the trade winds but heavy rainfall is really common during the wet season from June through November. Also, hurricanes are quite common during this season.

The peak season is represented by Christmas and New Years, but the prices are at their highest until at least end of March.

If you plan to save some money while vacationing in Dominica, plan to arrive either in early December or early April when prices are lower.

Worth trying

Fort Young Hotel

Considered one of the best hotels in Dominica, Fort Young Hotel is located on the outskirts of Roseau, the capital. The views are spectacular and this location can make for a perfect honeymoon. The hotel has an ocean view swimming pool and a lovely terrace. During the low season (May 2008 to Jan 2009) prices range between US$110 per night per person in an ocean view room and US$160 per night per person in a deluxe ocean view room. During the high season (January to May 2009) prices range between US$135 per night per person in an ocean view room and US$180 per night per person in a deluxe ocean view room. Rates do not include taxes and meals. Special packages are available, such as honeymoon package, diving package, family package or adventure package.

Tamarind Tree Hotel & Restaurant

The hotel is located in the center of Dominica’s west coast on top of a cliff, offering great views of the Caribbean Sea. The hotel has 12 double rooms , 6 standard rooms and 6 superior rooms, as well as 4 suites. All rooms are equipped with telephone, fan and fridge. Some rooms have AC. The hotel also has a swimming pool. In September 2008 the hotel will be closed. The rates for May to October 2008 are: US$80 per night per standard single room, US$95 per night per standard double room and US$142 per night per standard family room. The rates for the same period for the superior rooms are: US$110 per night per single room, US$135 per night per double room and US$202.5 per night per family room. Rates include breakfast but don’t include taxes and transfers. All inclusive packages are also available, such as diving package, hiking package or pirates package with prices (in the winter) ranging from US$1284 per person (7 nights, all inclusive, 10 dives, 1 island tour and many more) and US$ 1955 per person (7 nights, all inclusive, visits to the locations where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed , 2 days hiking, 2 days island tour and many more).