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GrenadaGrenada is a Caribbean island with a long and quarrelsome history of political revolutions that lasted in to the 1970’s. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed approximately 90 percent of the structures on the main island. The good news is that most everything is back to normal these days. The nation is actually comprised of three islands, including Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Granada proudly calls itself “The Spice of the Caribbean,” as there are more spices in Grenada per square mile than anywhere else on the planet.


English is the official language of Grenada. However, Creole is more widely spoken by the people.


The official currency of Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. To find out about the conversion rates, visit our currency converter.


You can find anything from a basic hotel room to a luxury villa in Grenada. Budget accommodations may be hard to come by, but prices aren’t too astronomical, especially in comparison with some of the island’s neighbors. Several places are available for under $100 per night, and loads of facilities are in the under $200 per night range. Camping is available at the Great Etang National Park and at some places on neighboring Carriacou.

Food and Drinks

Food is an important part of the Grenadine culture. Expect the local fare to be a spicy, Creole variety, with many specialized local dishes like Oildown.


Carnival is the big deal in Grenada each year. The Grenada tourism board keeps an updated list of events in Grenada each year.

Getting There & Around

Point Salines International Airport (PSI) is the main point of entry for the country. British Airways, Virgin and Golden Caribbean – Excel offer service from London’s Gatwick Airport weekly and BWIA offers daily direct flights from Heathrow to Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad, with same day connections via LIAT or Caribbean Star into Grenada. From the U.S., you can take Air Jamaica or American Eagle, who offer continuing to service Grenada from New York and Puerto Rico. BWIA operates regularly scheduled flights via its Trinidad hub. Canadians have the option to take Air Canada’s weekly service from Toronto to Grenada from December to April. Air Canada and BWIA operate regularly scheduled flights year round from Toronto and Montreal to Barbados and Trinidad, with connections into Grenada via LIAT and Caribbean Star. If you’re traveling around the islands, LIAT and Caribbean Star offer service from various Caribbean islands in the area.

Cruise ships frequently make stops in St. George’s, in Grenada or Hillsborough in Carriacou. If you have your own boat, there are numerous ports for immigration and inlets and bays available for anchorage.

Taxis and rental cars are widely available on the islands. Minibuses and water taxis are available in some locations as well. Daily ferry service can take you between the islands.


Electricity in Grenada is 220 volts at 50 cycles, with British three-prong plugs being the norm. Those of you using American appliances will need hardware to get your gear to work on the island.

Things to Do

Beaches abound on Grenada, and they are spectacular. Grand Anse Beach in St. George’s is often listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. St. George itself is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean, and definitely warrants a visit. Music is an important part of the culture of the island. You can dance your heart out to the local calypso and reggae. Cricket is the most popular sport on the island. Try to catch a game while you’re there, especially if you’re an American visitor who has never had the opportunity to see Cricket whites. The interior of Grenada offers plenty to do away from the beach, with 133 square miles of mountainous, volcanic terrain. Mount St. Catherine reaches heights of over 2,750 feet, covered in dwarf forests. You can find crater lakes and rainforest, along with a variety of plants and animals. History buffs can keep busy visiting the various points of interest around the island.