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Grenada Drum Festival 2008

Grenada Drum Festival 2008The Grenada Drum Festival takes place in May each year, with this year’s festivities taking place on May 2 – 4, 2008 in Tivoli in St. Andrew Parish, Grenada. This will be the seventh year of the festival, rocking out at the new venue of Krumahville. The festival includes the following activities:

  • Display of traditional drumming, dancing and rituals surrounding the drums.
  • Workshops in dance and drumming.
  • Display of the various types of drums.
  • Showcasing of skilled drum players.

According to the tourist information:

In that atmosphere the line becomes blurred between visitors and performers as they blend together further emphasizing participation as part of the package. It has been our intention to display local craft work, local foods and to display historical artifacts and images that would heighten the total experience for all those that come to the Drum Festival.

The powers behind the festival are hell bent on maintaining high quality, while bringing in new groups to perform. They aim to promote the “Drum Culture” and cultural exchange between people of the islands, to bring together drummers from the region and to make drums available and affordable to schools and other groups.

The roots of the Tivoli Drummers are based in the traditional drumming brought to Grenada by African slaves. As a group, the Tivoli Drummers were founded in 1995 by Livingston Krumah Nelson with the mission to spread the “Drum Culture.” Recruits were taught the art of drumming, dancing and singing in the traditional style. The Tivoli Drummers introduced choreographed drumming, which is unique to Tivoli. You don’t hear this stuff in other parts of the Caribbean.

Listening to drumming is powerful stuff. If your travels take you to Grenada this may, I would definitely suggest having a listen at this festival.

For more information, contact:

Nelson Krumah Livingston
President, Grenada Drum Festival Committee
Tel – 473 442-8890
Mobile – 473 409-1057
Email –

Kester Lyons
Treasurer, Grenada Drum Festival Committee
Tel – 473 438-4406
Mobile – 473 406-6445