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Free Things to See in Aruba

At first glance, Aruba may not seem like it has much to offer than some great diving and postcard beaches. While it is those characteristics that bring people to Aruba, there is much more to the island than just those. Aruba has a wealth of really cool outdoor sights and destinations if you know what to look for. Keep reading for some information on free places to go and visit in Aruba.

Many of the places on the list below you won’t find at a tour operator. All of these destinations are free (or cheap) to see and visit. Many of them our cutesy of mother nature herself. So, if you feel like spending a day away from the beach and exploring some of the lesser know attractions, check out some of the places listed below.

Cura di Tortuga

Cura di Tortuga or “conchi” is a large natural pool created by a partition of volcanic rock. The natural pool rest on a very deserted stretch of coast line. This rocky coast offers some spectacular views of crashing waves, ocean mist, and spitting water. The rocks the line the pool have created a natural barrier that leaves the pool calm and tranquil while the ocean crashes around it.

The area is very inaccessible and as such, it really gives you the feeling of discovering a piece of the island. The only way to get to the area is to walk, ride a horse, or have a 4×4 vehicle.

Rock Formations

Huge rocks strewn about in eerie fashion aren’t just Easter Island and Stone Henge. Aruba has its very own rock gardens that are equally impressive. Ok, maybe not equally as impressive, but still a site to see and worth checking out. One of the cooler rock formations to visit is the Ayo rock formations.

The Ayo rock formations are comprised of towering boulders that are placed in close proximity to one another. When you combine this with the tranquil atmosphere of the Ayo area, it is easy to see why the original inhabitants of the island found this to be a sacred place.

Another cool rock formation worth checking out is the Casibari Boulders.

Natural Archways

Along the islands windward coast there once stood a 125 foot natural archway known as Andicuri.

The Andicui archway was carved out by pounding waves from the ocean. The archway stood 25 feet above the surface. A few years back, the same waves that created the archway also destroyed it. While the Andicuri bridge is now in ruins, there are still several other natural archways around the island.

Near the Andicuri arch way you will find two other smaller natural archways worth checking out. There are also some popular archways near
Wariruri as well as at Black Stone Beach.

Along the drive of the North Shore to visit these archways, you will also see some impresive rock formations and sahpes.