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Flights to Barbuda

There’s only an airline offering flights to Barbuda and it only flies from Antigua. Hence it takes a bit of planning to find cheap tickets to Barbuda.

Airports and Airlines

Barbuda, part of the country of Antigua and Barbuda, is served by an airport located in Codrington, the island’s capital. The only flights into the island come from Antigua and are offered by Winair.

So the only way to reach Barbuda is by booking a flight to Antigua and then you can choose between flying and taking the ferry.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to Barbuda

There isn’t any choice when flying into Barbuda; you are limited to Winair. However, you can save some money when looking for the flight to Antigua.

  • Avoid the peak season and , if possible, shy away from the high season as well. The peak season is represented by Christmas and New Year’s, while the high season extends until late March.
  • Avoid flying during the weekends. If you have any flexibility plan to fly mid-week and Wednesday is the best choice.
  • Book in advance because the prices climb when you get closer to the departure date. They also climb as the high season approaches.
  • Ask your travel agent if there are any charters flying into Antigua or Barbuda. Also, check if flying into Puerto Rico and then into Antigua is more affordable.
  • If you really want to save money, plan the last leg of your flight (Antigua to Barbuda) on the ferry. The ferries arrive away from the only town but very close to the beaches.