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East Island Excursions

Fajardo is a small and popular city that is located in the eastern region of the island of Puerto Rico on the Atlantic Ocean side. This small city is north of Ceiba and east of Luquillo. There are seven major sections of this city as well as an entertaining and extensive downtown area. This city is home to the largest marina in the Caribbean and is a major hub for recreational boating as well as a popular launching port.

How to Get There

Unless you live in Puerto Rico, you will have to fly to get to Fajardo. If you live in Puerto Rico or are already there vacationing, you can easily drive or boat to this destination. If you are going to have to book a flight, you can look up a flight on the internet or call your travel agent. A travel agent will be able to set you up with package deals that can make your vacation to Fajardo more inexpensive and easier to enjoy.

What to Expect

When vacationing or visiting Fajardo, you can expect to be entertained. There are plenty of activities for both a family or an individual to enjoy while in this part of Puerto Rico. You may first want to check out the Culebra. Culebra is quite famous for its coral reef formations and its beautiful white sandy beaches. El Conquistador Casino brings in a lot of business on this part of the island as well. Also, the El Conquistador Golf Course has become very popular with vacationing golfers. If you are interested in eco-touring, check out the Las Cabezas de San Juan State Park.

Average Costs & Hours of Operation

Puerto Rico’s currency is the same currency that we use in America. Prices on many things are very much the same between Puerto Rico and the United States. All of Puerto Rico, including Fajardo, relies on tourism to make their country what it is. They have no real natural resources, so they are largely dependent on the tourism industry.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that certain things will be more expensive than what you are used to. The hours of operation around Fajardo are mostly around the clock. Because there are so many tourists, the night life here can be quite exciting. There are plenty of businesses and restaurants that are open all night long to accommodate the tourists.