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Dominican Republic’s Top Beaches

The Dominican Republic department of tourism recently published a press release regarding the best beaches of the Dominican Republic that is so convincing, I’m thinking about going there myself next week despite the $70 per person departure tax. It’s no secret that the Dominican Republic is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean. Here we have a little synopses of the biggest tourist draws, with a little something for everyone whether you’re in to celebrity stalking or sunbathing or surfing.

Playa Cabarete

On the North coast, Playa Cabarete is the home of the National Kiteboarding Championships. It is known as one of the best water sport beaches in the Caribbean, and if it’s good enough for the Kiteboarding Championships I’m sure it’s good enough for you. This location offers strong waves and steady winds, making it an option for surfing and windsurfing as well.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana, found on the East coast of the island, is ranked among the Top 25 Sexiest Beaches in the World by That’s pretty sexy. The location consists of 20 miles of
white sand with swaying palms and clear blue sea. Think Corona commerical quality real estate. This spot is the ultimate all-inclusive destination, with 14 designer golf courses in the area. There are plenty of swanky places to stay, including the Tortuga Bay Hotel, the Maxim Bungalows and Casa de Campo Resort, all of which offer sprawling luxury accommodations frequented by international stars,
musicians and athletes alike.

Boca Chica & Juan Dolia

These two beauties are located a convienent distance from the capitol city of Santo Domingo. With few waves, these beaches are great for families and snorkelers.

Playa Bahoruco

Playa Bahoruco, found on the West side, is also known as “The Pearl of the South.” This beach offers the untouched wilderness some travelers crave. With eight nearby National Parks, the Sierra Bahoruco Mountain Range and a semi-arid desert further inland, this spot offers the most geographic diversity on the island.

It’s a piece of cake to get to the Dominican Republic from the United States, with daily flights offered by most major airlines. The biggest setback is the departure tax when leaving the island, which is a steep $70 per person. Summer is the low season in the Caribbean. You can score some great deals on all-inclusive resorts during the Summer months. The Dominican Republic is pretty much all-inclusive all the time. Travelers who like to get out and explore may be disappointed with what they find. However, if your goal is to lay on a beautiful beach, sipping fruity rum drinks, this is most certainly a great spot for you.