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Dominica Voted “Greenest” Caribbean Island

In a recent survey conducted by National Geographic Traveler, Dominica was named the “greenest” most sustainable island in the Caribbean. If you’re an environmentally conscious traveler, this may be the Caribbean destination for your next getaway.

National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, or CSD, not only ranked Dominica as one of the most sustainable islands in the Caribbean, it was also voted among the top ten most sustainable islands in the entire world. If you looking for a place warm and sunny to spend a few cold, North American winter nights, this is certainly worth a look. The island itself is “green” and you’ll cause less of an environmental impact by traveling to a close destination, like the Caribbean, than you would by making a long haul flight.

Dominica’s environmentally friendly score is based on information collected by the CSD. This, the fourth annual survey, collected data for 111 islands, including information on the “environmental, cultural and aesthetic conditions on these selected islands.”