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Taking a Caribbean Cruise is a great way to save money. Why? Because almost everything is included, so you won’t have to pay for all kinds of things you were not expecting. However, you don’t have to pay an arm or a leg for a Caribbean cruise.

When looking for a Caribbean cruise, make sure to start the search ahead of time. Many companies offer discounts but these are available for a limited period of time so you need to be able to get advantage of those. Typically, if there are rooms unsold several weeks prior to the set departure, these rooms will go on sale. If you are ready to travel on such a short notice, then you’ll be able to catch good deals on Caribbean cruises.

In addition to the last minute deals, companies also offer deals for no reason at all. But those are impossible to predict so it’s worth it to get the newsletters and follow the cruise companies on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some of the things to know about cruising :

  • chose the right cruise for you : what do you like to do on board? Do you prefer a lively crowd? How you feel about meeting new people?
  • pack wisely: pack light and keep everything to a minimum. You don’t exactly have too much storage space in the room anyway.
  • seasickness: be prepared to deal with it (ask your doctor for medicine)

Some of the cruise companies which offer cruises in the Caribbean are:

Carnival Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Lines logo

Celebrity Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Line

Holland America Cruise Line