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There are plenty of travelers out there who would be happy spending 10 days on any of the popular islands in the Caribbean, soaking up the sun, sipping cocktails and eating incredible food. But there are also other types of travelers who don’t mind a day or two on the beach, but they definitely want to see interesting places as […]

10 Days in Caribbean: Itinerary Ideas

The Bahamas is an archipelago make up of about 2000 islands. And while most tourists come here on a package holiday or choose a cruise to visit the islands – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that -, there are also tourists who are not looking just for sun, sand and fun…they also want to explore the archipelago. Five days […]

5 Days in Bahamas: Itinerary Ideas

Two words: Spring Break! The Bahamas fills with students taking advantage of the lovely weather. It’s crowded, it’s expensive, it’s crazy…avoid it if you don’t like that sort of thing for your vacation. But the weather is nice and you can get a lovely tan. Or escape the beach and visit the historical sites. Weather The temperature starts to go […]

Bahamas in March

Many prefer to escape the cold weather back home and head to The Bahamas in January. The balmy weather here makes it an ideal time to visit the cities, soak up the sun and enjoy an active vacation. Weather The weather in January feels like early summer, with mild temperatures and little chance for precipitations. Temperatures might drop during the […]

Bahamas in January

The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. From honeymooners to families, everyone wants to come here. The Bahamas has plenty to offer, from beaches to hiking trails, historical sites and good shopping. Weather The wet season has ended in November so now the rainfall is very low and the sun is shining. Temperatures are going […]

Bahamas in December

The Bahamas offers one of the best Caribbean experiences; you can soak up the sun on the beaches, try the water sports, play tennis, visit historic attractions, or play with the dolphins. Weather November marks the end of the off-season for The Bahamas. The rainfall drops – but you can easily expect some showers right smack in the middle of […]

Bahamas in November

Jamaica is located south of Cuba and is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas. The island is located within the hurricane belt, so between June and November it’s advisable to avoid traveling here. Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and is located close to Florida. Before the 1959 Revolution, Cuba was a very popular vacation spot for […]

Getting from Jamaica to Cuba