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When people think Caribbean, assumptions abound about what travel is like. All inclusive resorts. Packaged tours. Little cultural experiences outside the walls of these mega-resorts. Basically the opposite of independent travel, which is what we’re all about at BootsnAll. Traveling to the Caribbean doesn’t have to be like that though. There are plenty of other options to have an indie […]

Renting in the Caribbean

Culebra, a small island in Puerto Rico, is a stunningly beautiful slice of the Spanish Virgin Islands. Nestled a short 17 miles from Puerto Rico and only 12 miles from St. Thomas, this haven offers vacationers a much more Caribbean vibe than the mainland, as well as a safer alternative to its crime-prone neighbor Vieques. You don’t even need to […]

Culebra, Puerto Rico

It’s hard to walk through the streets of any town or city in the Dominican Republic and not see the influence of baseball—people playing pickup games with sticks on the beach, impromptu batting practice on neighborhood streets, little boys jogging in formation in baseball jerseys.

Going to a Baseball Game in the Dominican Republic