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Casa de las Tradiciones, Santiago de Cuba

If you want to partake in true Cuban music there is no place other than La Casa de Las Tradiciones. Translated that means the house of the traditions, but the local just refer to it as La “Casano”, the big house.

It is located in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) in La Plasa de Tivoli across from La CasaGranda Hotel on Calle Rabi 154. This club is the true heartbeat of Salsa music in Santiago de Cuba and all across the island as well. It is a converted residence that is now a bar.

It is cramped and can get pretty hot once the music starts playing and the crowds start dancing on the dance floor that will seemed packed if just two couple begin to dance. And believe me when the band starts playing hot and sultry music, you won’t be able to resist the urge to dance. The rhythmic beat makes even the most timid want to move.

La Casa de las Tradicionces is much more intimate and a lot less touristy than the older Casa de las Trovo. Rumored to be the “cradle” of Cuban sound to the outside world, La Casa de la Trovo may be more established, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the talent one will find at La Casa de las Tradiciones. Just ask any local and he will tell you where the real Cubans go to listen to new and authetic rhythms of the isle while enjoying mojitos. His answer will always be the same, La Casa de las Tradiciones.

The turn over of bands is great and this allows you to enjoy new bands on a regular basis. It also appears that half of all Cubans play music and it is not surprising if patrons join in the festivities that can last into the wee hours of the night.

Ladies be warned the establishment does not allow single female and is open to couples only. Also the ladies personal facility leave a bit to be desired. There is a dollar cover charge.