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Best restaurants in Jamaica

When vacationing in Jamaica, it’s a must to try the Jamaican cuisine. And thankfully there are plenty of good restaurants on the island which serve great Jamaican dishes. The jerk chicken or ackee and saltfish are at their best and you can even find restaurants which serve lighter versions (and all made with organic produce).

Montego Bay: Day-O Plantation Restaurant

Just outside Montego Bay City, in a lush forest, you’ll find Day-O plantation restaurant. For years it has been the preferred restaurant for a romantic wedding. The restaurant offers both Jamaican and international cuisine. The restaurant is often a venue for special events and entertainment.

Price: not available

>>for more information go to Day-O Plantation Restaurant

Negril: Rockhouse Restaurant

The restaurant offers only Jamaican cuisine, at its very best. The dishes are lighter and represent a modern version of the classic Jamaican dishes. Items such as ackee and salt fish or jerk chicken spiced with a scotch bonnet sauce are accompanied by the finest wines. The restaurant is open daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

There’s something magical about the restaurant’s location and it’s surely a lovely place for a romantic dinner.

Price: US$20-40

>>for more information go to Rockhouse Restaurant

Negril: Sea Splash Resort – Norma’s Restaurant

Norma Shirley is known as one of the best chefs in Jamaica and now she’s working her magic at the Sea Splash Resort. The cuisine at Norma’s Restaurant comprises the new wave of Jamaican dishes. She uses only local, fresh produce to come up with the most interesting and delicious dishes.

Prices: not available

>>for more information go to Norma’s Restaurant

Kingston: Redbones the Blues Café

Set in a Spanish colonial house, the restaurant is definitely one of the most elegant on the island. You can dine in one of the two elegant rooms, on the terrace or courtyard. There’s live music as well and you can ask in advance who will be singing when you plan to dine here. The cuisine is Jamaican and the dishes are spectacular.

Price: not available

>>for more information go to Redbones the Blues Café

Ocho Rios: Evita’s Italian Restaurant

Eva Myers (Evita) is quite a star in Jamaica. Her love for pasta is strong and half of her menu is devoted to different styles of pastas. You’ll find past dishes from all over Italy. Lasagna, penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli are served with fine Italian wines. In true Mediterranean style, the chicken and fish are present in the menu.

Its location recommends the restaurant as one of the most romantic places to dine in Ocho Rios.

Price: not available

>>for more information go to Evita’s Italian Restaurant