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Best Places to Snorkel in Aruba

Aruba is a year round destination for travelers heading to the Caribbean. With warm temperatures and beautiful beaches, it makes sense that water activities rate high. With the aqua blue ocean beckoning you to explore it’s depths up close, you can’t resist. Begin your adventure into the watery world below with snorkeling. Snap on your snorkel and mask and check out these hot spots!

The California

The California, one of Aruba’s most famous diving gems, is located on the Northern coast. The California was a wooden passenger ship that ran aground almost a hundred years ago. Sponges, coral, and anemones cover the structure. Depth is perfect for underwater photographs. Experienced divers only, due to powerful currents and rough water.

Arashi Reef

Arashi Reef, Aruba’s second most famous spot, is located at the bottom of Arashi Bay. Constructed when a Lockhead Lodestart landed irreversibly, the reef brags a lavish amount of brain and star corals, as well as angel fish. Schools of fish casually swim around the plane. A ledge and drop is also featured. This site is perfect for novice divers, sitting approximately 35 to 40 feet underwater.

Malmok Reef

Malmok Reef is located south of the Antilla wreckage, part of the sunk fuel barge, Debbie. Untamed trails of spread leaf and brain corals run wild. But beware; The barge attracts fish and barracuda. The reef is also recognized for it’s lobsters and stingrays. A great location for photography.


Perdernales, an American oil tanker torpedoed by a German sub in 1942, is located on the south. The wreckage is combined with coral. Odd scenery of wash basins and lavatories are visible. Very unordinary sea life can be found at this site, including squirrel fish. This site is a beginner’s favorite at about 20 to 30 feet.

Mike’s Reef

Mike’s Reef, located close to De Palm Island, is thought to be the best reef dive in all of Aruba. Most of the area consists of brain, flower, and star coral. The area is popular with underwater macro photographers. The reef is also home to barracudas and rainbow runners. A perfect site for photographs.