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Abaco National Park Bahamas

Bahama ParrotAbaco National Park is one of the several national parks found throughout the island nation of the Bahamas. Abaco was created in 1994 to protect the environment of the endangered Bahama Parrot, to provide the birds with a sanctuary in which to live and reproduce. The Bahama Parrot is unique in the fact that it creates subterranean nests. Yes, it builds its home underground in naturally created limestone cavities on the ground of the pine forest. The fact the birds use the ground rather than lofty tree branches makes it even more critical to protect the area.

Abaco National Park stretches approximately 20,500 acres in south Abaco. This area includes about 5,000 acres of forested land where the most endangered populations of Bahama Parrots remain. The forest is critical to the parrots because they feed on the seeds from the pine trees during breeding season, which provide a rich source of protein for developing chicks.

In addition to the parrot, you’ll find a great diversity of birdlife in this protected area. Because of our many feathered friends found in the area, the Abaco National Park has been designated an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society and Bird Life International. If you’re a bird lover, this is definitely a park of interest to you.

Birds of Abaco

In Abaco, you can see Bahama Parrots, West Indian Woodpeckers, Bahama Swallows, Bahama Yellowthroats, Loggerhead Kingbirds, Olive-capped Warblers and Bahama Mockingbirds.

Visiting Abaco

You can take a day trip to Abaco from Marsh Harbour. Located 40 miles south of Marsh Harbour, it makes for an easy day trip if you have transportation. BahamasAir, USAir and Continental Connection offer flights from south Florida. Charter flights and boats are also available. The park is open from dawn until dusk on Monday through Sunday. Admission is free.