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7 Fabulous Private Islands for Sale in the Caribbean

Thatch CayThose of you who just can’t get enough of the Caribbean can get your own little piece of paradise. There are private Caribbean islands for sale, and we’ve scouted out the cream of the crop. Whether or dream is to get away from it all or to create a destination for others to do so, we have the place for you.

1. Thatch Cay: Thatch Cay is found in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which means you don’t even have to take your passport to get to your new home. The property, located a short half mile from the transportation rich island of St. Thomas, is listed for US $24,000,000. Thatch Cay, found in the calm waters between St. Thomas and St. John is one of the last undeveloped, privately owned U.S. Virgin Islands. The property is approximately 230 acres, stretching from west to east for almost 2 miles with an elevated interior. Thatch Cay has been subdivided into 3 parcels consisting of 57 acres west, 57 acres central, and 115 acres east, but further subdivision is possible, in accordance with standard land development procedures. Thatch is heavily wooded as compared to most Caribbean Cays, and in its shaded areas provides great nature hikes with numerous panoramic views.

2. Sandy Cay: Sandy Cay is a six acre island for sale in the beautiful Bahamas. The Cay is going for $2,950,000. Located a short 56 miles from Palm Beach, Florida, Sandy Cay is a short hop from Grand Bahama island. The island is bare of mangrove or swampland and surrounded by pristine white sand beaches, which creates an ideal environment for development. Sandy Cay is seven miles from the Western point of Grand Bahama, providing you with nearby access to a marina, casino, shopping and restaurants.

3. Isla de Cabras: Isla de Cabras is found in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic. The 59 acre island near the regional transportation hub of Puerto Plata is for sale now for $7,000,000. The island features lush vegetation, private white sand beaches and a protected cove ideal for mooring small boats.

4. Bonefish CayBonefish Cay: Bonefish Cay is a managable 13.5 acres in size, located in the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas. The island is for sale for $14,500,000 and is ready to go with two villas, a lodge, a boat lift and even a gym. With waters chock full of native bonefish, this would be the ideal property for an angler. The current structures on the island include five buildings totalling 15,000 square feet. According to the sales information, “these structures were constructed of the finest materials imported from Europe and the United States. The entire complex is hurricane-proof.” The property is fully air-conditioned, generates its own electricity and has its own desalination plant. All communication services (telephone, fax, internet) are provided. A newly and very solidly built jetty and several boats are included with the island.

5. White Island: White Island is a 10 acre island in the French territory of Grenada, near the island of Carriacou. For the bargain price of $2,000,000, it can be yours. The island features a fine white sandy beach that virtually surrounding the entire island, as well as rocky island elevation that offers the perfect setting for unforgettable views of the surrounding seas. This particular island is just made for a single family home. It is not applicable for further development.

6. Vernon Island: Vernon Island is a private island for sale in the beautiful nation of Antigua. This 22 acre island is accessible only by water, and it can be yours for $2,100,000. It can be reached from the Parham Dock, which is a short 2 minute boat ride. The island has no power or water, but its proximity to Crabbs Peninsula means they could be installed relatively easily. There are no beaches on this rocky island, but this would be a fantastic plot for residential development with sea views all around.

7. Isla Kiniw: Isla Kiniw is a tiny, three acre island, for sale in Curacao. The island is in the Spanish Water bay, and home to one single villa. Accessible only by boat, Isla Kiniw offers an amazing amount of privacy. The villa includes a huge porch, spacious living area, fully equipped kitchen, four bedrooms, a private beach, a tropical garden with birds and iguanas and an Indian hut to enjoy your siesta in a hammock. Sounds perfect! Willemstad is a quick 15 minute drive away, providing you access to shops, restaurants and casinos.

What are you waiting for? Make your dream in to a reality and invest in your very own Caribbean island.