Viking’s Exotic Resort: Sex tourism Caribbean style

There’s no doubt that the lovely Latina ladies that have graced to pages of Maxim have encouraged many a man to travel to the Caribbean in search of local bombshell to hook up with. All too often this dream doesn’t become a reality and the poor sap has to go back home to his collection of Maxim magazines and wonder why he couldn’t get laid by any such female. If only the poor guy had known about the Vikings Exotic Resort – A place where dreams of escorts, threesomes, and a different girl each night come true.

If you are into the whole “pay for sex” thing, you may already know about many of the variety of vacations in the sex tourism industry. One such destination is the Viking’s Exotic Resort in British Virgin Islands. I could go into detail about the resort and its amenities, but all you really need/want to know is that is a resort where you will be surrounded by beautiful women and are guaranteed to get laid.

What About the Ladies?
According the the website the company chooses only the most beautiful girls from Eastern Europe and Latin America. There is a rigorous interview process that the girls must pass before joining the resort. I wonder what such an interview would entail? Something truly Larry Flint I’m sure. In case you decide to frequent the resort regularly, you will be happy to know that the girls are rotated out regularly so you won’t get the same girls on separate vacations. Which is nice, I was worried about the girls feeling used. Turns out they are only getting borrowed.

Is This Safe?
I love that in the site’s FAQ their answer to the safety questions is simply that the practice of safe sex is mandatory. Nowhere do they mention testing the girls or if they are disease free upon arrival. What about the resorts previous batch of clients? What if they weren’t disease free? Seems like they could have a crabs epidemic overnight if they weren’t careful. I wonder if you have to bring your own box of rubbers or are they supplied? For the sake of the hefty price tag I hope they are included.




What Does It Cost?
Interested in heading out on a 4-day vacation that offers promises of sexual favors by beautiful ladies? Or perhaps you are the kind of guy who just wants to talk? Have no fear, the girls here aren’t pushy and will be happy fulfill your fantasies or just stimulate your mind with intellectual conversation. If you are into some weird S&M stuff, you might want to look elsewhere. WHAT?! You mean I can pay $5,000 for the girls but can’t get them to whip me like a dog while I wear a diaper?

Viking offers 3 different packages depending on your spending desires. The “standard package” starts at only $3,900 and includes:

  • The company of the “companions” for 4 days and
    3 nights
  • Accommodation in a Standard guest room
  • All meals and drinks served at the villa
  • Complimentary massages
  • Transportation to and from the local airport
  • VIP reception at the airport upon arrival
  • Welcome Cocktail Party

The resort offers some other packages as well, but the grand package is the only way to do it if you are going to visit. For the sum of a mere $7,900 for 4 days and 3 nights, you’ll get all this:


  • Two girls for each night of your entire stay
  • Pre-selection of your favorite girls for the first night of your stay and/or “first pick” of your favorite girl or girls at the Welcome Cocktail Party.
  • The company of the companions for 4 days and 3 nights
  • Accommodation in a VIP Suite
  • All meals and drinks served at the villa
  • Complimentary massages
  • Transportation to and from the local airport
  • VIP reception at the airport upon arrival
  • Welcome Cocktail Party
  • Lifetime membership to our ‘members only’ section of the website

What Do You Think?
What do you think of this sexual resort? Are you ready to pack your bags, rubbers, and birthday suit? Or are you already thinking of ways to have this place shut down?

12 thoughts on “Viking’s Exotic Resort: Sex tourism Caribbean style

  • P.J

    Hi! I’m new to this blog, i have a few questions? I am a fan of the resorts here in the Caribbean and i just want to know what’s the different between Viking resort and Charlisangels adult sex resort? I notice they both have European and Russian escorts and fees. (“Perhaps the villas and services.”)

  • herbe08

    Hi! P.J To answer your questions i have been to charlisangels adult sex vacations resort. However i haven’t been to Viking retreat. They both have European and Russian escorts, but charlisangels is a very lay back resort. From the moment you arrive they know how to make you feel welcome with great services and the resort has private beach villas for those that wants privacy. Hope you find the resort that excite you.

  • Terry

    Questions? Where is this charlisangels adult sex vacations resort located in the Caribbean? And how is the services there? Is the resort for couples as well as singles?

  • Alex

    I enjoy the all an inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, i often travel there to charlisangels adult sex vacation resorts. Charlisangels adult sex vacation resort is for couples and singles. The services are good, but that’s for you to judge. I was there back in June spent four days three nights in one of their beach villa for 3,999 also the have package deal. They have European and Russian escorts.

  • Sammy227

    I just love the Caribbean adult sex vacation resorts, especially at charlisangels all inclusive resorts. My last visit there was great! The food and services in the luxury beach villa was great not to mention the European and Russian escorts.

  • Leo

    please clear something out
    in the standard package, where it says “The company of the “companions” – that includes sex right?

  • Brad42

    What’s the different with Viking and charlisangels? I have heard that charlisangels has better service and food. The resort is a private beach front all inclusive packages. I wonder if they have special package deals for the holiday?

  • Erick white

    I´m looking forward to visiting that resort hopefully soon. Does charlisangels adult sex vacations resort have packages deals for now?

  • Son422

    The Caribbean is full of great resorts like charlisangels adult sex vacations resort with European and Russian escorts at all inclusive packages.

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